Recent News for Illusion Registry

My WordPress skills are SEVERELY lacking! My initial upload for is much slower-going than I had originally anticipated. I had wanted to have something by March/April, but here we are in June and I’m not much farther along! So I apologize to anyone who may be reading this post. I haven’t forgotten the project, and I’m still working on it. Remember also I’m balancing family, church, another job, and my own performing career in addition to this site, so I have plenty on my plate. But rest assured that it’s under development and I’d expect to get some actual content in the next few weeks. FINALLY. No guarantees that it will stay online as I have a tendency to accidentally delete things so there is still a learning curve here for me since I’m not a website developer by any means. But hey…it’s necessary and I’m going to keep working on it!

– m@

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