Finally we got the basic structure down and you can see we are hard at work populating the database.  It will take us a long while before we have a significant number of illusions listed so if you’d like to help research and list some specific illusions, please send an email to “mattadamsmagic at gmail dot com.”  Thanks!

We DID hit another snag right now.  We are using the “business directory plugin” to help organize the database of illusions.  I have 3 questions I’m waiting to get answered before I continue going crazy adding a bunch of new illusions.  I don’t know if anyone knows these answers…but here are the things I’m thinking about:

1) Can I create an advanced search feature instead of just “search” for the database?  I’d like users to be able to specify more search options than just a few keywords

2) I need to figure out how to modify the “view” so that users can browse the illusions and not just see the first 10.  The rest aren’t currently view-able unless you do a search (and you need to know what illusion is out there or you’ll never find it by randomly guessing…haha).

3) I’ll probably create a single database for public domain and “registered” illusions.  However, to keep them separate I want to organize them in one of two ways – not sure which is better…
A) Use PUBLIC DOMAIN and REGISTERED as parents and use the “grand illusion” “stage illusion” “etc” categories as children.
B) Use a checkbox for Public Domain so all stage illusions are listed under “stage” BUT the public domain illusions will just have an extra field checked.  I’m leaning towards this option, but I don’t know how good the search will be if a user wants to search ONLY public domain illusions…

Any help would be appreciated.  I’ll need to post in the forums for help, but can’t do it at my current location.  I’ll need to do it from home.  Here’s their site:

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