Name Change

Today I changed the name from Illusion Registry to Illusion Repository – this change better reflects the path we are deciding to take with this repository. Originally, I had planned to have each new illusion registered so that anyone who wanted to verify an illusion’s “credibility” could just check the illusion registry. In addition to this feature, I had planned on providing pics, videos, and info on the illusions (thus the repository part). ¬†However, in talking with many of the leaders in the industry, they felt it would be better to have the information captured here rather than to be a “governing” site (and I completely agree). The best way to verify an illusions authenticity is to simply contact the builder for the history. There isn’t a builder in the industry that wouldn’t talk with me – and they’ll talk with you too! Going to the source is so easy (many of their phone numbers are listed in addition to email) that there’s really no need to try an “police” illusions, which was never our intent.

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