Thanks to all of you who’ve helped with your time and suggestions! This project has cost me mostly in time (which is priceless), but some of this research is starting to become more expensive.  I’ve spent over $2000 in books and magazine for research  to keep this FREE project growing! I’m currently receiving four magic magazine publications (MUM, Linking Ring, MAGIC, and Genii) and have the Genii-level access to Ask Alexander. However, it would be very helpful to search some of the other pages on Ask Alexander. A Charlier (entry-level) membership cost $95 per year. This isn’t very much, but it’s $95 more dollars that I’d rather not add to my growing list of expenses for this FREE community project! So while I want to keep this a free resource (and currently completely ad-free), I will be honest and let you know that it’d be much appreciate and very helpful if you would like to make a donation of any size to the continued growth of this site. If you were helped in any way (and I hope you were!), I am so happy to hear it! It would likewise help me out if you would be led to make a donation to enable me to continue supporting our community as inexpensively as possible. So if you’d like to make a donation, simply send me a quick email at illusionrepository @ gmail dot com and I’ll send you my paypal link.  Nope – it’s not tax deductible as far as I know…but hey, you’ll receive a warm fuzzy in your heart knowing you supported our amazing community by aiding this project. This is not an “timeless” fundraiser, so as soon as I reach the $95 goal, I’ll be sure to let you know. I never wish to presume upon your generosities. Thanks everyone!

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