Please send any questions, comments, encouragements, etc to: illusionrepository at gmail (dot) com.

If you have an illusion that you’d like to register with the Illusion Repository, it’s free and easy to do so! Simply email us the following information:

MAIN CATEGORY: This is the category for your illusion. It will be one of three main categories: Protected, Licensed, or Public Domain. These are each defined HERE.

SUB CATEGORY: This is typically either “Stage Illusion” or “Platform Illusion” – stage illusions are the “big box” tricks and a platform illusion is a smaller stage effect like Losander’s Floating Table.

NAME: What you call your illusion.

DESIGNER: Who invented the illusion

BUILDER: If you have a specific builder(s), please include their name and information.

DESCRIPTION: Please describe the effect in detail.

PHOTOS: Please provide photos of your illusion. We can accept line drawings, CAD (as long as you have built the illusion as well), Actual photos, sketches, etc. But remember, at this time we are only accepting illusions that have actually been constructed. Many of us have great ideas, but until you act on your idea, we cannot list your illusion!

EXTRA: Any extra information you have that would be interesting to researchers. For instance, you may include notable first performances (e.g. Performed first by David Copperfield on May 01, 2013 on the US Space Shuttle about half way between earth and the moon), inspirations for your effect (such as other similar effects that you based yours on), etc.