Real Life Examples

This list is by no means complete, but here are some of the major players in this illusion creation/building business. We will not be adding names to this list. It is meant only to serve as a guide for our members to better understand what roles are involved from start to finish for the creation of a new illusion and to provide some real-life examples of individuals involved in that process.


Jim Steinmeyer: designer and consultant. He typically does not build props.

Don Wayne: designer and consultant. He typically does not build props (although he used to and occasionally still does on rare occasion). He sometimes has other builders build prop which he markets and sells directly through him rather than through the builder that made them.

David Starr: designer and art director

Ryan Reed: designer, consultant, art director. He typically does not build props.

Mark Parker: designer and consultant

Andre Kole: designer and performer. He designs his own illusions and is extremely select about releasing a very few of those designs for other magicians to have built by builders of his choosing.

John Taylor: designer and performer. He designs some of his own illusions and markets some of those through builders he selects (e.g. Suspended Animation through Bill Smith)


John Gaughan: builder. He also collaborates on designs with other designers and can act as consultant to develop a clients idea into an illusion (this is the case with most builders)

William Kennedy: builder

Bill Smith: builder

Daniel Summers: designer and builder. He mostly builds his own designs. He also allows some other builders to build his designs.

Craig Dickens: designer and builder. He mainly builds other designs but also designs some of his own illusions (which he also builds). He may also work as a consultant.

EDF Magic (Eric Olsen and John Uherne): builders. Used to be the main two “shop guys” for John Gaughan and are now on their own.

Tim Clothier: designer and consultant but primarily a builder. Provided limited licensing of some of his own designs for other builders.