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Designer: Jim Steinmeyer (with collaboration by John Gaughan and Jonathan Pendragon)
Builder: John Gaughan, Also can contact Jim Steinmeyer for more information

Interlude (sometimes known as "A-Frame") consists of a vertical frame, which encloses the magician up to just below his arms. Struts extend out from either side, ending in handles for the magician to grip so that his arms are fully stretched. The frame is vertically divided into two sections, a lower one reaching up to his knees, and an upper one from his thighs to his mid chest. The lower section remains open during the illusion, and the audience can see through it between the magician's legs and through the corresponding opening at the back. The upper section, which encloses his torso and upper legs is also open at front and back. During the performance, a screen is placed over the front opening. An assistant then steps behind the magician and pushes from back to front through the screen passing completely through the magician.

Interlude was originally choreographed and performed by the Pendragons. It has since been performed by David Copperfield and Siegfried & Roy along with many other notable illusionists.

Siegfried & Roy's performance (which had an arachnid theme including an assistant in a red catsuit with a spider web design) followed the assistant's passage through the frame and magician by having a tiger jump from the front of the frame - apparently produced from the magician's chest.

The screen which covers the magician's torso is generally either paper, or a stretchy fabric. The former variant allows the assistant to violently punch through, or burn away the screen. There are also magicians who do it without a frame, and use specially made clothing to create the effect.

On the L&L Publishing DVD, the Pendragons reveal their work on Interlude. It's on "The Magic of the Pendragons" Vol 4.

John Gaughan and Associates
5223 West San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Photo Credits: Taylor Reed (with diamond plate additions to the John Gaughan build), Jim Steinmeyer (Pendragons performance), L&L Publishing (DVD cover)
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