Designer: Rich Hill

An audience member is invited to the stage and lies on a table. The magician introduces a box which is placed over the spectator, leaving head and shoulders and legs in full view. Two blades are thrust through the box, cutting the spectator into thirds. In order to further prove this, the magician pulls the middle box upward, opens the front of the cabinet, and the audience can see all the way thru the box. The illusion is reset and the audience member emerges unharmed.

The magician can walk behind the illusion when the spectator is trisected, and a clear view of his body is seen thru the center box. He can wave to the audience thru the opening and look thru the opening further proving the spectator’s middle is simply not there. The magician can also turn the unit 45 degrees to each side to show all members of the audience the see-thru effect.

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