Magellan Master Levitation

Magellan Master Levitation

Designer: Jimmy Fingers

The Magellan Master Levitation has a long history of changes, updates and general evolution. It was created by Jimmy Fingers. What follows is the history in Jimmy’s own words.

It started as almost a ‘photo op’ type of piece, kind of like a Super-X suspension. As thought evolved, it quickly became more capable of being used for animated levitation.

The initial unit was welded in Santa Fe, Texas by Mike Tomalavage, under my supervision. Early 2000’s.

Initially, it was called the “Magellan Witch” levitation, a two-person levitation AND production. Similar to the Instant Babe by Dan Summers, its initial construction could produce the assistant! Bulkier than the current “Master” version, the girl could levitate while laying on the ground in a horizontal position. She would then be turned to a standing position, levitated upwards “witch” style (standing), and then brought back down to vanish.

Several touring magicians like Jeff McBride and Arne Kolodner were purchasing this for their shows. However, it was large, expensive, and difficult to get into position for the show without curtains. It was also very demanding (gymnastically speaking) on the assistants.

A friend in California’s Silicon Valley, Scott Emo, had spoken with me about a potential self levitation using the concept. When I shared my idea, templates, and sketches about the Magellan Solo, he was really interested. He asked if he could make one, and send me one in the process.  I agreed, and that was the birth of the Magellan Solo Levitation.

Several different versions were conceived, such as the Magellan Sohi (a solo that went up almost three feet!) that was sold to a few overseas investors/collectors. These were expensive, bulky, and difficult to do…  But they worked under the right conditions. The Magellan Bermuda was a version we never ended up building. Finally, we decided to keep the current Magellan Master Levitation.

The Master version has many features that are unavailable on any other versions: a three-point stabilization system for working on various surfaces, a transport system for getting into position without a curtain or blackout, a cheat step for unbelievable smoothness and ease. The latest Magellan has every curve, pin, and hole in place for a reason! Every part of this unit has a purpose. The years of development, building, and testing unusable versions finally materialized into what has become the cornerstone of many savvy traveling acts all over the world!”1

[1] Personal email correspondence with Illusion Repository