Mini Kub Zag (aka Cube Zag)

Mini Kub Zag (aka Cube Zag)

Designer: Gunter Puchinger
Builders: Gunter Puchinger, Chalet Magic, Dan Wolfe (Smoky Mountain Magic)

The Kub (Cube) Zag illusion was created in Germany by Gunter Puchinger. It’s a smaller version of the zig zag effect using just two blocks. The assistant enters a short cabinet made of two stacked blocks. A tube is shoved fully through the sides of bottom block. Another tube is shoved from front to back of the upper block. The bottom block is then slid to the side showing the lady has been separated into two pieces. The assistant’s hand can be seen in the upper block throughout the performance. The bottom is replaced, tubes removed, and the assistant emerges unharmed.

Puchinger licensed Chalet Magic to build the Kub Zag. Chalet had production problems and fell behind in their work so they contracted with Dan Wolfe of Smoky Mountain Magic to continue production. Kub Zag is now being built in the USA by Dan Wolfe, with many customized options available. Overseas customers may contact the creator, Gunter Puchinger.

Photo Credit: Dan Wolfe

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