Thai Temple

Thai Temple
Thai Temple

Designer: Franz Harary
Builder: Franz Harary Illusion Team

Harary designed the Thai Temple and first performed it in 1986 on a local Detroit TV show. He then sold it to Marine World/Africa USA theme park for use in their shows from 1986 – c1991 or 1992. After that time, Harary bought it back and included it in his own show since then. The illusion shows a girl in a glass box elevated on a pedestal. Instantly the girl transforms into a snake (or cat).

The Thai Temple is a specially constructed glass box on top of a Jarrett Pedestal. The specific method used to make the snake appear is an original Harary concept.

Harary said that he typically buys a snake in whatever country he visits so that he doesn’t have to travel with one. If a snake is not available, he’s been known to use other animals like a cat.

Franz Harary