Toccata for Light Bulb & Paper Bag

Toccata for Light Bulb & Paper Bag
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Designer: Jim Steinmeyer

Toccata for Light Bulb & Paper Bag is fully described and detailed in Steinmeyer’s book Technique and Understanding. Owners of this book are authorized to build and perform this illusion. You may also contact Jim Steinmeyer directly to find a recommended builder.

A box with a slanted glass front and straight glass back (allowing the audience to see entirely in and through it) is elevated on the platform by a wheeled “cart.” A light bulb stand is brought forth and plugged into the base of the cart supporting the box. A white paper bag is displayed, visibly showing it contains an object. The object is removed and shown to be a light bulb.  The magician screws the light bulb into the socket of the stand with a single twist (still unlit), and then moves the stand behind the card and box. The unlit light bulb is seen centered behind the glass and cart.

Stepping to the front, the magician marks on the glass with 4 lightning bolts, framing the bulb. The bag is then shown empty. The magician steps to the back of the glass and places his fingers on top of the bulb giving it a slight twist and lighting the bulb in the socket. He then steps away and holds the bag at the top edge.

With his free hand, he makes a tossing motion and apparently catches an invisible object in the bag. At the same moment, the light goes out and the light bulb is shown to have vanished from the stand. The bulb is removed from the bag.

Several more phases of the effect follow with the conclusion being the bag itself ends up inside the unlit light bulb.

Photo Credit: Craig Dickens
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