Designer: Tim Clothier
Builder: Tim Clothier – Illusion Projects Inc

Tim published Trapdoor in Advanced Illusion Projects. Owners of this book are authorized to build and perform this illusion.

Trapdoor is a unique routine ending with the appearance of the assistant. The Magician displays a trapdoor rescued from an old, demolished theater. The audience is told that things didn’t come through the trapdoor; they were magically inside the trapdoor. Placing the trapdoor on a modern table, the Magician removes a framed magic poster. Next he lifts out an 8 foot ladder. The audience has a clear view through the table as the props are apparently pulled out of nowhere. Now the Magician pulls out an old, dirty curtain from the theater. With a shake of the curtain, it changes into a brand new one. The Magician drapes the curtain over the trapdoor. Finally, a shape begins to emerge from the trapdoor under the cloth. The Magician pulls away the cloth to reveal the assistant has appeared from nowhere. Alternatively, Tim’s extended routine has the assistant vanish only to reappear from the trapdoor at the climax, eliminating the need for backstage loading.

The illusion is constructed from wood (the door) and powder coated aluminum. Purchasing the illusion from Tim Clothier will give the purchaser performance rights, instructions, a ladder, curtain and poster.

Information provided by Tim Clothier