Designer: Jim Steinmeyer

Trouble is fully described and detailed in Steinmeyer’s book Technique and Understanding. Owners of this book are authorized to build and perform this illusion. You may also contact Jim Steinmeyer directly to find a recommended builder.

The magician shows a small table with a cube-like black box on top. The audience perceives the box as “small and black.” From behind the box, the magician produced a tiny cube painted deep black. The original box now appears “large and grey” in comparison to the tiny cube. The cube is turned to show the sides are snow white. The original box now appears “large and black.” It’s all about perception. The magician tosses the tiny cube off stage.

Next, his assistant sits on top of the box.  The magician opens two panels of the box (which is divided into 5 panels), forming a sort of triangular enclosure. The assistant lowers herself inside and then the magician closes the small box once again. He then uses a sword and makes a vertical slash at one end of the box removing one of the 5 panels and places it on top of the rest. He slices again, hinging away another section of the box, and turns the table to show the open section. The “insides” of the cube are a bright red. Another slice and another part is hinged open. One final slice and the fourth piece is separated from the final piece as the final piece is hinged downward like a drawbridge.

The box is turned showing all the sides and the assistant is nowhere to be found. However, she then produces her hand from top of one of the sections, suggesting she’s somehow distributed throughout the sliced pieces. Everything is then reversed and the assistant emerges unharmed.

Photo Credit: Craig Dickens
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