Vanishing Vase and Flowers

Vanishing Vase and Flowers
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Designer: Robert Harbin

The Vanishing Vase and Flowers was created by Robert Harbin and detailed in the “Magic of Robert Harbin. Owners of this book are authorized to build and perform the illusion.

A suspiciously draped table stands on stage beside a metal tube. The assistant brings a large vase with flowers and a cloth. The magician shows the metal tube is empty and puts his arm through it. He then places the tube onto the table and places the vase and flowers inside the tube. The flowers are still seen above the tube. The magician places the cloth over the flowers and shoves them down inside the tube until his arm reaches the table top. The magician removes his arm and returns the cloth to the assistant. The magician picks up the tube, showing the flowers and vase have vanished. The tube remains empty and he is able to place his hand through it again. The audience believes the vase and flowers have simply dropped behind the curtained table. The magician then whips off the cloth leaving a skeleton single-legged table which is then picked up and tossed to the assistant to be caught in her free hand.

Photo Credit: David Bull (performance)

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