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21 Person Cabinet (aka Twenty-one People Cabinet Production)
Guy Jarrett

Twenty-one assistants are produced from a cabinet that appears large enough to hold about six.

360 Degree Levitation
Jonathan Pendragon

360 degree levitation of an assistant as performed by the Pendragons

Peter Van Rhein

A magician levitates a ball in 3D space. Another option is to levitate a candle stand with 3 candles all independently.

A Little Slice of Hand (aka Arm Box, Hands Off)
Magic Ian

A spectator's hand is removed from his body.
Peter Loughran

The performer reaches into the cabinet and produces imaginary or invisible objects from the cabinet.

Aerial Exchange
Ken Whitaker and Paul Haynes

Mid-air Metamorphosis Effect

Aga Levitation
Carlo Venturini, Prof. Seeman, or Otto Heinemann

Assistant lies on a couch and then floats in mid-air.

Gary Ouellet

The Airtime levitation is a double levitation where an assistant is levitated many feet off the ground. The magician cannot reach her to pass a hoop around her body so instead he levitates himself to meet her in the air and is able to pass the hoop.

Jim Steinmeyer

The magician is confined inside a polished metal torture device and then impaled with a rack of sharp spikes.
Amac’s Three Card Monte (aka The Elusive Lady)
Robert William MacFarland (Amac)

A stage-sized version of the three card monte - a female assistant hides behind a giant playing card. The card is mixed with two others on stage and the audience is fooled into thinking she is in one place when she actually is in another.

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