Designer: Don Wayne, Bill Blagg, Ryan C. Reed
Art Director: Ryan C. Reed
Builder: Tim Clothier – Illusion Projects Inc.
Exclusive Performance Rights: Bill Blagg III

Departed is an illusion that used codenames of “Airflow” and “Airframe.” Tim Clothier was the original builder and later mods were done by Procraft Illusions.

The project name went from Airframe to Airflow to Plane Seat Vanish to Departed.

The project was defined as follows: “Translate rough stick drawings and directives from client to advanced design from the ground up while providing art direction and 3d pre-visualization for final build. Notable challenges included using real plane seats from a passenger jet, vanishing of an audience member in a large stage illusion while also making a real plane seat vanish at the same time. Use of internal power, and battery systems and led lighting.”

Notable features:

  • Powder-Coated Surfaces
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • I-beam substructure legs
  • authentic plane seat pulled from a CRJ 700 Jet
  • Guitel Resilex Steplock Casters
  • Onboard Power
  • Onboard LED Lighting (White)
  • Polished Plexiglass steps
  • 2 ATA cases
  • prop and related apparatus breaks down completely for travel

This illusion was listed as a case study.

Information provided to Illusion Repository by Ryan C. Reed

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